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Car Rental Sites

Check our car rental templates linked online with CarOn Reservation Engine Wizard

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  • Multilingual
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Web Site Design & E-commerce

Design and creation of advanced web sites both design and functional.

  • Company information websites on the profile, vision, purpose, organization of the company and effective promotion of products or services.
  • Dynamic product presentation websites in a functional way.
  • E-shops that are template websites for e-commerce, leaving the user the best experience.
  • Portals - Vortals presenting the news or announcements.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

  • Optimize website rankings on search engines and directories such as google, yahoo, msn.
  • Study the industry in which the website competes to use the most effective keywords.

Web Hosting

Hosting of static websites, dynamic websites or e-shops, on modern servers, in a completely secure datacenter. Feel "fast" and absolutely protected from unpleasant surprises.

  • Option for Windows or Linux Servers.
  • Efficient anti-spam policy and anti-virus software.
  • Refresh the hardware (servers) and fall over.
  • Friendly to use Web Email.
  • Ability to host any size of site and number of email accounts.
  • Providing statistics with detailed site presentation (screenshots).

Methodology & Approach

Based on the client's target group analysis and targeting so that the structure, design style and functionality of the site are proportionate.

  • Adaptation of the design site to the particularities of the sector in which the company operates.
  • Modern design through modern technologies for processing of static and / or animated graphics and photographs.
  • Great download speed of site pages.
  • Easy navigation and access to information.
  • Frequent updating of site content.