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What is software development

Software development is the proccess of structuring, planning and controlling information systems. Over the years, a wide array of platforms have been evolved, depending on the approach, the methodology and the specific type of project.

Identification of need

An idea must be examined, its potentials explored and refined. This is accomplished by both the marketing people, who examine the economic feasibility, and the engineers, who examine the features to be included as well as the development effort that is required.


Planning is the proccess of extracting the requirements. Those with the idea, usually have an abstract view of what the end result should be or exactly how the software should work. It is the engineer's task to identify these requirements, even when they are not clear, are ambiguous or contradictory. This is of paramount importance, since it guarantees a complete final product and produces added value .


Designing is a two step proccess. Creating a high level plan of the software, determining the main modules and their interaction to one another, and creating a low level plan for implementing each specific feature.

Implementation, testing and documenting

The time has come to put it all together. A cycle of implementing, testing and documenting begins at the end of which the product is released.

Deployment and maintenance

Deployment may involve setting up servers and an initial configuration. Training of users follows. From this point on, maintenance begins as an ongoing procedure of fixing any bugs and adding features to the software.